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Sound-Actuator Mini

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Sound Booster Pro – now with software to download

      •  You can top off your Active Sound System with the Sound-Generator Mini. This new invention works a sound pressure transducer instead of loudspeakers.

        Tuneful engine sound from the engine compartment! Your car will sound exceedingly while standing and inside the car like a large-volume engine. The little actuator is attached at the bonnet and uses vibes for an amazing bulky, rich sound. Now the sound forms a perfect interaction with the Sound Booster Pro and can increase the sound experience up to 30 %.


        The extension set for the Sound Booster Pro at a glance:

        •  - short installation time, no welding or sheet metal work needed
        •  - simulates a V6-/V8-like engine sound directly from the bonnet
        •  - perfect addition to the Sound Booster Pro sound
        •  - best sound is generated while standing and inside the car
        •  - invisible installation at the interior of the bonnet
        •  - no power loss
        •  - control with remote control, button or when applicable specific for the car
        •  - LED status display for an installation without problems
        •  - constantly free software updates


        Scope of delivery:

        • Sound-Actuator Mini
        • Cable loom



        • there has to be a Sound Booster installed already in your car, because the actuator is connected into the system
        • the system only works with one ambient sound generator. If you have a second one installed, you need to deactivate this one

      • Sound Booster PRO