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Bluetooth Old to New - Adapter - VW Touareg 7L

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Adapter Plug&Play specifico per l'upgrade da sistema di telefonia Mobile Phone a sistema telefonia Bluetooth. Solo per veicolo con Can-Bus 2.0>


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Descrizione del prodotto:

  • Specific set of cables (adapter) to re-equipment an original mobile phone (at the instrument panel) of a Bluetooth mobile phone. Uncomplicated installation due to measure-exact cable harness and there is not a difference to the factory-installed equipment.


  • Best language quality (also at high speeds)
  • Total integration in the vehicle electrical system
  • Use of the following telephone functions:
    • Directory entries scan (by means of MFA)
    • Initiate, accept and terminate calls by MFA
    • Automatic connection and disconnect of the telephone in conjunction with the ignition
    • Display for call number in the instrument panel employment

Contenuto della confezione:

  • Set of cables


for only the Bluetooth (without cradle) you need solution the following components: Interface with the following part number: 7L6 035,729 H an owner (adjustment of the interface under the passenger seat) Bluetooth antenna for an assembly in the central arm rest you need additional components on request we send you these gladly