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APCAST - Wifi Screen Mirroring

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Wi-Fi receiver 'APCast' dispositivo con tecnologia mirroring per smart devices quali iPhone, Galaxy S ed altri tablet PC.*


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* NOTA: compatibile con iOS 10 per spedizioni dal 13/10/2016.

-  è possibile l'aggiornamento firmware per estendere la compatibilità ad iOS 10 tramite l'acquisto dell'art. nr. 21272.


In the market there are many similar products providing a mirroring system only for Android OS, but 'APCast' supports Apple's iOS as well.

The distinguishing features of APCast are its integral realization of four different functions: DLNA, Miracast, Airplay and Allshare. It is available with all types of existing smartphones and Smart Pads, regardless of the type of OS.

With APCast, iOS based iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini and Android based Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 as well as LG Optimus Gpro etc. can be displayed on a wide TV screen.

APCast is the very first product that is equipped with the DLNA Mirroring function for Apple devices. It makes it possible to display smartphone contents such as the latest movies, music videos, Kakotalk, photo albums, mobile games etc. easily on a wide TV screen. Users can also multitask, such as watching a movie while they are searching the internet or chatting through Kakaotalk.

It provides maximum 1080p full HD via out-terminal and can be read with analog and digital audios. The power source is a micro USB and the consumer price is 95,000 Won.

"APCast is a wifi multimedia receiver compatible to all types of smartphones and Smart Pads. By just one installation in a household, the whole family can use it," a staff in KHVatec said. "Even though each person in the household has different smart devices, everybody can easily enjoy their own contents in a wide TV screen at home."