APS Advance - Retrocamera - Retrofit kit - Audi A4 8K Espandi

APS Advance - Retrocamera - Retrofit kit - Audi A4 8K, A5 8T MMI 2G



Set completo per l'installazione del sistema di retrocamera originale con linee guida e telecamera integrata nella maniglia vano bagagli.

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666,00 €

IVA incl.

Maggiori informazioni

  • Complete set to retrofit an original rear view camera for Audi A4 8K, A5 8T MMI 2G
  • Suitable for vehicles with MMI 2G High
  • Not suitable for vehicles with:
    • Radio Chorus, Concert, Symphony, MMI Low
    • MMI 3G
  • NOTE MMI 2G without TV: In case the vehicle is not equipped with a factory fitted TV item number 35600 will be needed in addition
  • Integrated camera into the rear grab handle
  • Showing the rear area in the MMI screen
  • Automatic display switch by rear gear
  • Much easier orientation due to the guiding lines and fields which are integrated into the video picture and change depending on the steering wheel angle
  • Two modes are available:
    • parking mode 1 (Transverse parking): Useful to park into a slot which is transverse to the driving direction on for reverse driving into a longer entry
    • parking mode 2 (Longitudinal parking): Useful for parking into a slot along the driving direction on a curb

Selectable options:

  • TV factory fitted
  • no TV factory fitted

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring
  • Grasp border with integrated camera
  • Control unit + mounting plate


  • After installation vehicle coding is required - get in contact with local dealer

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