Bluetooth Premium High (with rSAP) - Retrofit - VW Passat B7 Espandi

Bluetooth Premium High (with rSAP) - Retrofit - VW Passat B7



Retrofit kit specifico per l'installazione del sistema vivavoce Premium High originale VW - Profilo rSAP e profilo HFP entrambi disponibili! Prodotto con varianti.

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666,00 €

IVA incl.*

*Escluse spese di spedizione e di installazione

Maggiori informazioni

  •  Specific kit to retrofit an original mobile phone preparation Premium High
  • Not only rSAP but also Bluetooth mobile phones like the iPhone can be coupled
  • A2DP * Audio streaming to play music files through the car speakers
  • Only for cars with MFA + (multifunction display +)
  • There is no difference to the OEM handsfree from factory

The advantages at a glance

  • Calls on-vehicle GSM module, setting creates no radiation inside and no additional battery power (Cell constantly in standby mode)
  • High quality audio output (also at high speeds)
  • Mute
  • Operating from the head unit
  • Operation via multifunction steering wheel or lever MFA
  • Using of the following telephone functions *:
    • Calling the telephone book entries (representation in the FIS)
    • Placing calls, answer and end
    • Volume control
    • SMS display in FIS


  • Original telephone control unit
  • microphone
  • cableset


  • * If supported by mobile phone
  • After installation vehicle coding is required - please contact dealer for
  • Please indicate the above vehicle-specific information
  • Please check BEFORE whether the vehicle antenna via a GSM connection has
  • If no GSM connection is available, an antenna with GSM connection is also required - this is not included
  • Only for vehicles with the MFA + Display
  • Please note the compatibility of your mobile phone (Compatibility list VW)
  • A detailed description of the functions preparation, see user manual from the vehicle. 

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